Breaking Ground

My entire work day consists of trying to make small talk with people that don’t want to speak to me. Hell, they don’t even want to be in my store half of the time (unlike me, who doesn’t want to be in my store all of the time). Most times the fact that I’m a student comes up and they politely ask ‘Oh, what do you study?’. Likely, expecting me to say something like IT since I sell phones for a living but instead I say ‘I study archaeology. So it’s very relevant to what I do here. Maybe one day I’ll dig up a Nokia’ They laugh and then pause.

They always pause.

They take a moment and then say one of the following: “What’s left to find?”, “Yeah but what are you actually going to do” or my personal favourite “So, you’re into dinosaurs?”. My answer to what I’m “actually” going to do is always changing depending on what lecture I’ve had that week. To be honest, I don’t think they’re listening anyway. But the conversation continues because the computer is slow and what could be worse than sitting in silence with a stranger? So now they ask ‘What got you into that?’ and the truth is I don’t know. As a kid I would sneak down at night to watch documentaries about Ancient Egypt, in Year 12 Ancient History was the only class I would actually go to and then between high school and university when I started a hairdressing apprenticeship I would get pulled aside by the manager because I had been talking to too many clients about the Emperors of Rome. The past was always going to be in my future.

Now, for one last question – why am I telling you this? Well, while I was madly catching up on lectures prior to my first exam I listened to one where the speaker stressed the importance of writing or journalling as a part of our training because a big part of archaeology is communication. And clearly, talking about history and the work I’m doing is something that tickles me in all the right places – so it only seemed fitting to give it a crack. So that’s what this is. A journal of my experiences, musings and ramblings while I try to get experience and try even harder to graduate. I mean, it has to happen sometime right?

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 19.17.11


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