Field Log: Philippines Pt: 1 Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

This year was the 10th year that my university was offering an archaeological field school in the Philippines. I had looked at applying the past two years but I always had an excuse not to do it. But, with 2018 (hopefully) being the final year of a very drawn out undergraduate career I was quickly … Continue reading Field Log: Philippines Pt: 1 Planes, Trains and Automobiles.


Day Two: Googong, NSW

Day two was a much better day. Both in terms of finds and in terms of not turning into a 5 ft 1 Zooper Dooper. I even managed to get a coffee on the way to campus. I had this archaeology thing DOWN. I got to site with a bit of a better handle on […]

Day One: Googong, NSW

June 6th will forever be a date that holds great importance to me. And no, not because of D-Day (which in hindsight as someone who has spent her entire adult life bouncing around between different history and archaeology degrees this probably should be the case)  but because I am an entirely flawed, selfish and narcissistic […]


Breaking Ground

My entire work day consists of trying to make small talk with people that don’t want to speak to me. Hell, they don’t even want to be in my store half of the time (unlike me, who doesn’t want to be in my store all of the time). Most times the fact that I’m a … Continue reading Breaking Ground